Seven Tips to Decrease Stress and Restore & Refocus

Life has a way of throwing us off course and before we know it we are burnout and wondering how we got to this place in the first place. Self-care is the antidote to burn out and so let’s explore some ways that we can return to wellness. Stress has become routine in our every day living. Just look around you, watch the news and talk with people and it is evident. Stress is starting to run our lives. It is defined as a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances. Life is demanding and stress takes a physiological toll on us. Are you stressed? How does one recognize stress?

Well, stress and burn out can affect our BODY, BEHAVIOR, and MOOD, here are just a few ways:

A. Body: Muscle tension, headaches, chest pain, fatigue, change in sex drive, insomnia

B. Behavior: Anger outbursts, irritability, memory problems, withdrawn, indulging in alcohol and drugs, not taking medications, unhealthy eating

C. Mood: Depressed, Restless, Memory problems, Anxiety, Anger and irritability, Lack of motivation


Here are some tips to help us with stress management and keep us from burn out:

1. Be honest with yourself: Identify where you are. We have heard it said location, location location location with regards to real estate…well it applies to your soul estate as well. Who are you? What matters to you? Where are you right now and is this where you want to be? Once you locate where you are, you can develop a plan to move forward. Allow your GPS to recalibrate if you notice that you are veering off course.


2. Develop the Discipline of No: No is a magical word that we seldom use with confidence or regularity. Many people are afraid of saying no in fear of offending others. Many times these “others” rarely bear any weight in our destiny. When we are focused, it is easy to say no to the things that do not lead to the fulfillment of our destiny or vision. Do not get stressed out saying yes to everything and everyone. Be selective with your yes, a no first can always be converted to a yes later.


3. Journal: Unclutter your mind by transferring thoughts onto paper. Write the Vision and make it plain. Start by writing down goals for next 15mins, then the day, then 30 days. You minimize the stress by starting small. Increase in increments that are manageable. This is the time to be completely transparent with yourself.

Take Time to unclutter through writing

4. Meditate: Train your focus through prayer and meditation. It takes several tries to enter into this place of stillness. Prayer involves you talking to God, meditation involves you listening to Him. This back and forth communication brings clarity.


5. Allow yourself the gift of receiving: We give and give and while that is a wonderful virtue, we must allow ourselves to receive. Positioning yourself on the giving side renders you empty after a while. When you are not nourished you become delirious, spiritually delirious. Step back and turn that giving to yourself and receive from others. Consider the things that feed your soul and do those things. Whether it be waiting, exercising, reading, getting a massage, the list is exhaustive.


6. Spend time with people who feed your soul. It is always a refreshing thing to be around people who support your vision for yourself. Identify those people who will speak truth to you in all things. Share your vision with these people who have your best interest at heart. Encourage them to keep you honest and accountable in your pursuits and connect with them regularly.

Spend Time with your Tribe

7. Stay in the Moment: We tend to race ahead so much that we lose the beauty of the journey. Go someplace unfamiliar, new, refreshing. Take the time to enjoy the newness. Pay attention to your self in these moments, and reconnect through discovery.


These are just a few tips to help you on the journey to a stress free and fulfilled life. Leave us a commnet and let us know how you manage your stress. What things do you do to restore and refresh. Follow Dr. Williams on Facebook at or twitter at